Washing – Drying machines for full bottles, rinsing and air-blowing machines, bottling equipment





Tardito sasOur company has a long-time experience in the field of equipment for the bottling industry. Since 1980, we started to design and build machinery for washing and drying full bottles, to be placed into bottling lines.

Today the company has the ability to supply machines designed to achieve a constant working operation, basing on the specifications of the end user and according to each specific demand.

Tardito sasMoreover, some of our equipment is conceived for a manual or semi-automatic operation, thus allowing all customers to choose between the best solutions for their need.

The manufacturing proceeding of all our equipments is handled with the highest care: all the components are studied and designed inside our workshop and realized following top quality criteria, so that the highest performance of the finished machine can be guaranteed.

The workshop is provided with modern tooling equipments as well as qualified technical experts, to ensure a professional after-sales service, including reconditioning of the machines when needed after years.


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