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Nitrogen filling station


This automatic dosing station is a free-standing module including a conveyor frame, easy to be installed at the infeed of a bottling wine.
The unit is designed to blow nitrogen into empty bottles before filling, reducing the contact between the product (wine or oil) and the air, to get lower oxygen pick-up.
The infeed screw is selecting the incoming bottles under the dosing nozzle.
'No bottle - no blow' system to inject the nitrogen only with presence of a bottle.
The blowing time is depending from the speed of the line, with a maximum working output of 1500 bph.
The conveyor chain standard section is w.100xh.100 mm, its length is 600 mm.
The height of the dosing head is adjustable by a handwheel, to cover bottles height range of 150 – 400 mm

Technical specifications:

Control panel with push-buttons
Standard Voltage 220-240V - 1ph - 50/60Hz.
Fixed working speed, adjustment by frequency inverter on demand
Photocell for bottles-jam control at outfeed
Output :until 1.500 b.p.h.
Min. bottles sizes : diam. 50 x h.150 mm
Max. bottles sizes : diam. 115 x h. 400 mm


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