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Semi-automatic bench-type labeller mod. ET-LAB


The semiautomatic bench-type labeller mod. ET-LAB is conceived to apply self-adhesive labels from a reel.
The machine can apply a front label on cylindrical glass bottles, a full wrap-around labelling is possible as well.
Additionally, the machine can apply a front and a back label, if positioned alternate on the same reel.
Its flexibility allows to label round bottles, jars, cans of different sizes.

The operator puts the bottle on the front plate, changing the height of the plate it is possible to adjust the label height placement.
The start of the labelling operation is by a push-button.
A 2-positions switch allows to choose if applying a front label only, or a front and a back label on a single passage.
The spacing between front and back labels can be easily set by a potentiometer, while all the other working parameters – if needed – can be changed on a dedicated control card.

The labeller can be supplied including a simple coding unit, with a set of alpha-numeric figures, to print a best-before date, a lot number or any other information.

The machine can be supplied in a specific version to label square and rectangular bottles.


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