Washing – Drying machines for full bottles, rinsing and air-blowing machines, bottling equipment



JT-09 Washing - Drying machine


The model JT-09 is the smaller washing-drying machine for full bottles, designed to work at 500 bottles per hour.

Thanks to its technical concept, this machine is extremely compact, nevertheless it offers the same functions as the bigger models :  separate brush washing of bottle body, bottom and top,  2-steps blowing of the neck and the body.

A stainless steel base-frame is including all the components, a mid panel is separating the washing and the drying sections.

A central starwheel moving with step-by step motion is driving the bottles to the different washing and drying  elements.

It is worth while to descibe the drying operation :  firstly a vertical sliding blowing nozzle is removing the drops from the cork and the neck of the bottle; secondly the body is dried by   a vertical pipe blowing high pressure warmed air.

The machine can be mounted on castor wheels with safety brakes, to move it freely.


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