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Bottling line for edible oil


Complete semiautomatic line for bottling of edible oil, including :

  • Manual air-sparger mod. SOM with filtering assembly
  • Monobloc for filling and screw capping – mod. RV2010 – including :
    • High-vacuum filler with 4 stainless steel filling valves
    • Automatic filling cycle with timers and pneumatic bottle lifts
    • Plug for the product supply pump
    • Capping turret for aluminium screw caps with pneumatic operation
    • Stainless steel capping head, with 2 threading rollers plus 2 sealing rollers.
    • Start of the capping cycle by double hand-buttons for the operator's safety use.
    • Availability of alternative head for pressure type caps
  • PVC heat-shrinking station with pneumatic up/down assembly; the head can be installed on the same base of the monoblock or supplied as an independent unit.
  • Semiautomatic labelling machine for pressure-sensitive labels, our unit ET-LAB, version for round or square 'marasca' bottles with range from 250 to 1000ml

This series of equipment is designed thinking of the small oil producers willing to start or increase their bottling facilities.
The  user-friendly operation at a constant output of 500 bottles per hour allows the highest flexibility in the bottling process.

Professional use is guaranteed by the high quality components – the same as used on automatic bottling equipment – to achieve a reliable operation throught the years and a quick redemption of the investment.


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