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Semiautomatic bottling line for wine or spirits


This semiautomatic line for bottling of wines and spirits is including :

  • Manual wet rinser / sparger, our model SM – or, as an alternative, our semiautomatic rinser mod. TP10
  • Bottling monoblock our model RS2010 with :
    • 4 valves gravity filler
    • Aisi 304 quality stainless steel frame
    • Pneumatic bottles lifting with drop-down timer, for automatic filling cycle
    • Predisposition for feeding pump coupling
    • Mechanical corker machine
    • Automatic corks distribution by top hopper
    • Corking cycle start by pedal
    • Hardened and rectified steel jaws

Instead of the corking head it is possible to install a capping turret for ROPP aluminium screw caps, complete with its stainless steel capping head with 4 independent rollers

  • Thermal head for the shrinking of PVC capsules – or spinning head for aluminium and tin capsules (the head works with a pneumatic lifting system, it can be installed on the bottling monoblock base or supplied as an independent unit).
  • Semiautomatic labeller, our model ET-LAB

This line has reduced costs and overall sizes, nevertheless it has been designed for professional use : made in stainless steel with heat-sterilizable seals in contact with the product.
It is possible to use inert gas (nitrogen) in all the bottling steps, from rinsing to filling and corking; the unit is easily and efficiently sterilized and steamed – to comply with the highest standards requested for bottling of top quality wines.

The effective production achievable with this line is 500 – 600 bottles per hour, which is ideal for the small wineries and distilleries wanting to start their own bottling facility, without the high cost and difficulty involved with full automatic equipment.


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