Washing – Drying machines for full bottles, rinsing and air-blowing machines, bottling equipment



Little Washing - Drying machine


The bottle washing-drying machine model LITTLE has reduced sizes and user-friendly operation.
It is dedicated to the small producer of wine and other products, who needs to clean bottles in stock from stains, dust, webs.
All the washing and drying elements are included inside a single base-frame, where a central starwheel is guiding the bottles through the different working steps.
In the first position, high-speed rotating brushes are performing the washing of the neck and bottom of the bottle.
Secondly, a top holding head is lowering down on the bottle, to keep it firmly positioned on the bottle-seat. In this position the bottle is rotating against a main brush, to achieve a good washing of its body.
The water is sprayed by means of adjustable nozzles.
Then the bottle is dried in 2 steps :
A first removal of water drops from the bottle neck by means of a sliding air-blowing nozzle; full drying of the body of the bottle by means of air-blowing pipes, placed next to the conveyor chain, feeding pressurized hot air. In order to achieve a more efficient drying effect, the bottle is rotating while moving in front of the blowing pipes.
The machine is supplied complete with its own conveyor chain drive unit, for  independent operation.

The running speed is adjustable electronically, by means of a potentiometer located on the control panel.

Technical specifications

Output Adjustable from 300 to 1.200 bph, by frequency inverter
Bottles Standard from 37,5 cl to 1,5 lt
Washing elements N. 1 brush for body
N. 1 brush for top
N. 1 brush for bottom
Drying elements Nr. 2 blowing pipes +  sliding nozzle for neck
Installed power 5 Kw
Air consumption 300 L/min
Water consumption ~30 lt/h
Dimensions 2.300 x 900 x h. 1.600 mm
Noise lever Lpa < 55 db (tests according to UNI 7712)
Baseframe Shaped steelplates covered with s/s AISI 304 panels


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