Washing – Drying machines for full bottles, rinsing and air-blowing machines, bottling equipment



RL20 Washing - Drying machine


The RL20 washer-drier is complete with a single station, including a central starwheel with step-by-step motion which transfers the bottles to the different positions for the washing and the drying actions.
In the first position, high-speed rotating brushes are performing the washing of the top and bottom of the bottle.
The body of the bottle is then cleaned in two steps, by means of two separate brushes.
During this operation, a top holding head is lowering down on the bottle, to keep it firmly positioned on the bottle-seat. In this position the bottle is rotating against each brush.
The water is sprayed by means of adjustable nozzles.

Then the bottle is dried in 2 steps :
1.First removal of water drops from the bottle neck by means of a compressed air blowing
2.Complete drying of the body of the bottle by means of air-blowing pipes, placed next to the conveyor chain, feeding hot air on the entire bottle surface. During their path through the drying tunnel, the bottles are rotating to increase the efficiency of the operation.
The blown air is always about 30°C higher in temperature that the external ambient.

The model RL-20 supplied complete with acetalic resin chain, chain drive motor, and inverter speed change.

Technical specifications

Output Adjustable from 800 to 2.000 bph, by frequency inverter
Bottles Standard from 37,5 cl to 1,5 lt
Washing section N. 2 brushes for body
N. 1 brush for top
N. 1 brush for bottom
Drying section Nr. 2 blowing pipes +  sliding nozzle for neck
Installed Power 6,5 Kw
Air consumption 350 L/min
Water consumption ~30-50 lt/h
Dimensions 2.900 x 900 x h. 1.800 mm
Noise level Lpa < 55 db (tests according to UNI 7712)
Base-frame Shaped steelplates covered with s/s AISI 304 panels


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