Washing – Drying machines for full bottles, rinsing and air-blowing machines, bottling equipment



RL30 Washing - Drying machine


The washing-drying machine model RL-30 is the perfect solution for perfect cleaning of the external surface of glass bottles, ready to be installed in bottling lines with output up to 3.000 bph.

The inside of the base-frame can be devided into two separate stations, the first one dedicated to the washing and the second one to the efficient drying.

The first washing station is including a rotary carousel with 6 bottle-positions and a set of brushes placed on the outside.
To increase the washing efficiency, the bottles are forced to rotate on their axis against the  washing brushes, turning in the opposite way.

An adjustable top brush can be placed for the washing of the bottle neck, while an additional small brush can be fitted for the washing the bottle under-base.

The second station – a linear section- dries by means of 4 blowing pipes (adjustable to fit different bottles) feeding hot high-pressure air on the entire bottle surface.
In order to remove the water drops more efficiently, the bottles are forced to rotate inside the blowing section.

As all out models, the RL-30 is also built in stainless steel AISI 304 and in other selected materials guaranteed for long-term resistance to water contact.

The speed change is easily adjustable by a potentiometer on the control panel, to synchronize the running performance of the machine with the production output of the bottling line, between 1.500 and 3.000 bottles per hour.

Technical specifications

Output Adjustable from 1.500 to 3.000 bph, by frequency inverter
Bottles Standard from 37,5 cl to 1,5 lt
Washing section N. 4 brushes for body
N. 1 brush for top
N. 1 brush for bottom
Drying section Nr. 4 blowing pipes
Installed Power 11 Kw
Air consumption 450 L/min
Water consumption ~80 lt/h
Dimensions 3.000 x 1.150 x h. 1.850 mm
Noise level Lpa < 55 db (tests according to UNI 7712)
Base-frame Shaped steelplates covered with s/s AISI 304 panels


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