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ML series Washing - Drying machines


The washing-drying machines for outside cleaning of full bottles 'ML' series are available in different models, with output from 4000 to 12000 bottles / hour.
This range of equipment, entirely made in aisi 304 stainless steel and selected materials, is designed and produced  to ensure top quality performance and high reliability.
All the models are including two separate areas for the washing and the air-drying of the outside surface of the bottles.
A rotary carousel with a set of bottle-plates and upper blocking-heads is located inside the first section; the size of the carousel and the number of washing brushes are depending from the effective running output to be achieved.

The drying section is linear type, the bottles are flowing under the tunnel rotating at the same time, so that the surface of the bottles is thoroughly exposed at the blowing pipes action.
The length and number of the pressurized air blowing pipes are also depending on the running speed.

Thanks to the electronic speed control, the infeed and outfeed photocells and the safety devices, the ML units can be  integrated in automatic bottling lines, achieving the best efficiency in any working conditions.

Technical specifications

Models ML40 - ML60 - ML80 - ML100 - ML120
Running output from 4.000 up to 12.000 bottles / hour
Bottles Standard from 37,5 cl to 1,5 lt
Special versions for square, oval, rectangular bottles
Washing section Brushes for body, top and bottom
Drying section Air blowing pipes, dimensioned to the need
Installed power Depending on the model
Water consumption Depending on the model
Dimensions Depending on the model
Noise level Lpa < 55 db (tests according to UNI 7712)
Baseframe Shaped steelplates covered with s/s AISI 304 panels
Bottles infeed and outfeed Automatic
Working operation Automatic
Washing - Drying machines for full bottles
Washing - Drying machines for full bottles


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