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SM Manual rinser


The manual rinser mod. SM is designed to rinse empty bottles and jars before the filling operation.
Thanks to its compact size and reduced weight, this unit is the essential equipment for the small producer of wines, oils, fruit juices and other food products.

The operator puts the bottles upside-down on the nozzles, the water jets are starting by the pressure of the hand.

The unit has to be simply connected to the water supply net, without need of electric or pneumatic connections.
The unit is supplied including a filtering assembly for the water, including a micro-filtration cartridge.

The basic model 'SM' is designed with 4 water rinsing nozzles.

Other models are available, to fulfill any different working need :

    • SOM, 2-nozzles air blowing unit (it needs to be connected to a source of compressed air); this unit can be used for blowing nitrogen for reducing oxigen pick-up in wines and oils.
    • SSM, with 2nozzles for rinsing with water and 2 nozzles for blowing with compressed air or nitrogen.
    • SMP, model wth 2 or 4 nozzles, including a recycling pump and a tank or using a  sanitizing or a alcohol based solution.


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