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TP Rinsing machine


The rotary rinsing machine mod. TP is designed to rinse new bottles, to clean the inside from powder and any small particle, prior to the filling operation.

The operator places by hand the bottle upside down in one of the 20 positions on the central plate of the machine. The plate is turning with step-by-step motion.
One rinsing nozzle is spraying the water inside the bottle, then the table goes on rotating so that the water is dripping down together with any part to be removed.
The water jet is operated by the bottle itself (no bottle – no spraying) and can be adjusted as needed according to different bottles specifications.
The water is dripping out for all the time needed for the bottle to make a complete turn, before the operator can take it away.

The rinser is supplied including a filtering assembly for the water, including a micro-filtration cartridge of 0,45 µm.

The working speed of the machine can be adjusted by a potentiometer on the front panel, from 300 to 1.200 bottles per hour.

The machine is mounted on wheels with safety brakes, and it is manufactured in stainless steel and plastic components in conformity with the international directives.

Technical specifications

Bottles Standard from 37,5 cl to 5 lt – Glass and PET
Special versions available on demand
Dimensions Ø 1.000 x h. 850 mm
Noise level Lpa < 30 db (tests according to UNI 7712)
Base-frame Stainless steel AISI 304 quality
Bottles loading-unloading Manual
Operation Automatic
Installed Power 0,18 Kw
Water consumption 30-60 lt/h
Weight 90 Kg
Standard voltage 220V - singlephase - 50Hz


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